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The guys were really friendly and did a great job on replacing our siding. If we had any issues they came back and fixed it right away. They finished our project quicker than they quoted. I would definitely recommend them and hire them again.

- Sara G.

I'm totally O.C.D. About my floors and deck cleanliness. I was horrified daily at the bits of sawdust everywhere. But everyday I would get up and walk outside and my deck and driveway where flawless. The guys did a great job keeping the job clean and me calm. Thank you so much!


Did a great job. Really nice crew. All the neighbors stopped by and inquired. Peace of mind has great value around here.


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Topside, Just wanted to let you know that your crew did a great job. I appreciate their efforts and consideration under the difficult weather they had to endure. Thank you for job well done!

- Virginia Watson

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CertainTeed Landmark Pro, Georgetown Gray, Lomanco OmniRidge Vent Having a roof redone is about as appealing as undergoing a colonoscopy. Though not quite as common as the latter, a reroof is a major undertaking and stress inducer in the life of a homeowner. One roofer came out and said he didnt want to install ridge vents, though they were already on the old roof. Another roofer seemed arrogant, appearing almost contemptuous of my questions and concerns. He told me to look elsewhere when I questioned his refusal to install a small ridge vent to remedy, in my mind, inadequate attic ventilation over my garage. He also didnt want to counterflash my brick chimney. We dont do brick very well he said. Topside, on the other hand, answered my questions and addressed my concerns. Thank God for competition! The stress of the reroof was lessened with Topsides professional, hardworking, and efficient crew. As an avid do-it-yourselfer (a reroof is too big for this lonely body), Topside worked with me to ensure that manufacturers ! specs and techniques were met, viz., reflashing a Velux skylight and installing Lomanco OmniRidge vents. They also counterflashed my brick chimney-beautifully done. As the crew boss said to me, I want to keep my customers satisfied.
Kudos to Topside! A job well done!

-Frederick Su

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Thank you all for all the help you did in my getting a new roof. The guys were wonderful and really fast!

- Karen Kovacsn
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