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How Heat and Moisture Effect Your Attic & Roof

When was the last time you took a look up into your attic? For most people that is the last thing on their mind unless they store and access items up there often. As a local Oak Harbor Roofing company, we want to inform you how poor ventilation can create problems and costly remodel and roof repair expenses. Heat and moisture are the two most common problems in your attic that result from poor roofing ventilation and often lead to the following:

Damaged Decking
Adhesives that bind the roof decking together can deteriorate if too much moisture seeps in causing it to sag and warp between the rafters. This can become very dangerous for many reasons and should be inspected by an Oak Harbor Roofing professional ASAP.

Damaged Roofing System
As we discussed above, too much moisture in the decking can also decrease the lifespan of the underlayment and shingles. Cracking and premature granular loss are both indicators of bad roofing ventilation that an expert forroof repair can fix.

Interior Staining
An Oak Harbor Roofer knows very well that poor ventilation can result in stains and mold growth in your home on the ceilings and walls by not allowing the necessary amount of moisture to escape through the vents. A hot and humid environment produces an ideal place for mold and mildew growth that can damage belongings you have stored in the attic, also raising health concerns.

A similar comparison is when you are sitting in a car on a cold winter day and frost forms on the windows from your breath until you get air circulation. As the temperatures fluctuate throughout the day in winter, any frost that has formed in the attic will melt on top of the insulation and ceiling that lead to staining and instability.

These are just a few of the hazards that can occur from poor attic ventilation. Topside Roofing is honored to be your go-to Oak Harbor Roofing Contractor call us today to schedule an inspection.

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February 28, 2019
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