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Selling Your Home? Do Not Let Your Roof Cause You to Fail Your Home Inspection

Selling a house is nerve-wracking even once everything goes right. there is heaps of your time, energy, work and emotions that are involved and even little complications can create large burdens. So, when we are asked by homeowners if they should have their roof inspected by an Oak Harbor Roofing Contractor before listing it on the market our response is always yes!

Not only will it pay to be safe than sorry, however, it may also prevent future problems throughout the process. Information is power and this can be very true once you list a home, therefore obtaining a roof examination early is just plain smart! Browse on to find out the three main ways that getting a roof inspection can assist you on your home selling adventure (the third could surprise you!)

Do Not Let Your Roof Cause You to Fail Your Home Inspection

You may already understand that a proper home inspection must be done before you close a deal. Home inspectors are often third-party firms that are unbiased within the final report. They are conjointly like an expert trained to identify issues that might devalue your home or kill the deal entirely like an unhealthy roof, foundation problems, mold, etc.

Since you are accustomed to your home, there can be problems that you simply are not even attentive to. That is why a roof inspection with an Oak Harbor Roof Repair pro will prevent a lot of stress within the end of the day and facilitate spot any issues before they create it on the ultimate report.

Do Not Let Your Roof Devalue Your Home

Your roof accounts for around forty percent of your homes curb appeal. Missing shingles, existing injury, and detritus buildup will send a large red flag to potential homebuyers. Even worse, a roof in an unhealthy form will lower your homes overall worth. Knowing what proportion life your roof system has left will assist you through the negotiations method must you decide to not replace it.

Do Not Let Your Roof Stop Your Home from Selling or Slow It Down

If your home has been struck by hail or severe weather and still possesses damage, it will throw a wrench into your plans to sell. The best-case state of affairs, particularly if you have got storm damage, is to urge a roof examination before you list your home. This way, whereas you are attempting to find new homes, filing work and obtaining a loan the work on your roof are going to be done once you are able to list. Plus, a brand new roof adds home worth that might mean the next listing worth. Now, that's a win-win!


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August 21, 2019
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